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Thread: Intermediate spiritstone.

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    Intermediate spiritstone.

    I tried to make some intermediate spiritstone with an exc legendary boots+9+16 and I couldn't.

    It worked with a similar tier of items, like an exc dragon armor+9+16.

    So, someone can tell me what is needed for each type of spiritstone? Because sometimes the item can be +7+12 instead.

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    And the chaos machine is not accepting an excellent Violent Wind Stick +9+16 to create a spiritstone...

    Also, the jewel of soul rate of success here seems off. I'm using too many souls on items with luck to put them +9. And wasn't the first time to solely blame the "RNG", that is not that random after all, or everything would be 50-50%. With a rate of 75% chance of success it would be to expect almost no failures and yet today, for example, I used more than 30 on an item, with luck, to put it to +9.

    Same for the jewel of life. For something with 70% chance of success, it fails too often.

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    This does not look like a 75% chance of success, not at all. And before that, I had used 60+ Souls and the item was still +0
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    I'm adding to the list of excel items not accepted by the CM to make SS a Sacred Fire Boots+9+16.

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    Still waiting for some response, because wasting more than 80 souls, to make 3 items into +9, all with luck is nowhere near a 75% chance of success.

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    This can't be so hard to answer...

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    Hello. Anybody home?

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    This is a hard rate server, you know ?

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