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Thread: Player using TP hack

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    Player using TP hack

    Hello there !

    A DL named Anpu was using TP hack. He was pking at Kanturu 3, and teleporting right near to my party. Do we have a GM to check on this guy ?

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    I saw that too and I notice a flaw on his cheat. If possible some Admin can PM so I can provide extra details.

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    He doesn't do that. I SAW him teleporting to a point where nobody was there.

    To teleport to the party you need, you know, a party there...

    I tracked him using a flaw on the hack that I can explain in a PM to an admin to not give away how to do it.

    Thanks for the insight though.

    At first, I thought was that but then he moved to a place with nobody there.

    I guess DLs here are full of unique skills.
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    I don't even know what to say with an answer like that ... Never mind man, let him continue, and i'll continue to kill him, even with the hack.

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