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Thread: Possible cheater

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    Possible cheater

    My BM, lvl 762 is fairly well geared and specced even for a casual pvp and yet this player managed to 2 shot me, by the time we fought my BM had almost 5700 hp and almost 27k SD, and for some reason beyond any explanation he took forever to kill anything else that is not a player. He even died to Nightmare.

    His gear seems nothing special, I doubt he is beyond lvl 700 and all of this combined tells me that is a high chance of this player is using some cheating program or some sort of exploit.

    I wish some of the admins can take a look whenever is possible on him and if nothing unusual be found, fair enough, but I doubt he is not doing something wrong.

    My stats and the player's character name.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I don't see anything strange in this report, I think I can kill you.
    The best thing is always to make a report with a better test, a video is the best,Let's wait to see what the administrators say.

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    Still waiting for some official response. Because this is shady as hell.

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    What do you mean by very well geared?

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    All Vicious+Hyon+9+16+10 stam, 3rd wing, 2 +9cyclone swords with luck+socket3+fully socketed, I will put them +13 later this week, plus my stats.

    Not even people of my lvl with Bloodangel can 2 shot me like that. This is MU or you can fight back or you will be overwhelmed.

    I saw him doing the exact same thing to an AELF, 2 hits.

    And I don't even break his SD. The guy took 2 combos and nothing. Mind you that I can one-shot mobs like the golden tantalus or 2 shot the dark phoenix. Not to mention that unless you are heavily specced for pvp chances are if you have a char of my lvl I can 2 shot you, but is not like he did. He simply erased my sd then all my hp. This is not how pvp works here. Some dmg bleedthrough the shield to your hp. And that doesn't happen when he killed me. And you expect this happens if you are fighting someone that strong, to 2 shot you.

    He is not +9 is not using a +15 weapon, not using the 4th cape, etc...

    All this combined tells me he is exploiting or using a cheat. Like the noob that I killed in Kantaru 3 on server 7 using a teleport hack.
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    Do you remember which server was that?

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    Server 5 or 8 not sure. Was some time ago.

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