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Thread: Exl Rings and pends drop?

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    Exl Rings and pends drop?

    Hi, i know we have drop list, but i check there and have no mobs name...
    i m trying get this rings and pend afk in d3 / a1, maps that in global they drop

    but days have pass and i got nothing...

    this are droping from mobs?? if yes, what mobs?

    if not, i really sugest active this drops, even that webzen have kill global, they made that game a sucesses, just crap manager hehe

    so if be more like global with no p2w is the better way to a sucefull server. ( it is a sucessul server already bu the way, grats to everyone )


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    You can get those from almost every map but the chance is super low.

    Your best shot is farming boxes of Kundun. Just a dozen can give you some jewelry.

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    Rings and pendants you can find from box of kundun and kalima7 upper mobs.

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