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Thread: [IDEA] Equal spots in DD 1-5

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    [IDEA] Equal spots in DD 1-5

    In DD1 for example there are spots like:
    1 spot with 8 mobs
    3 spots with 7 mobs
    3 spots with 6 mobs

    In DD2
    2 spots witj 8 mobs
    2 spots with 6 mobs

    In DD3
    1 spot with 7 mobs
    2 spots with 6 mobs

    Could you make more spots with 7 mobs?
    For spots with 8 mobs people could fight etc

    And make the rest spots with min 6 mobs? There are spots with less mobs...6-7mobs would be good for everyone and 8mobs the best spots for fight for it...

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    I'll send your suggestion to the server administrator for review.

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