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Thread: 6800 ando full server accounts bot

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    6800 ando full server accounts bot

    It is incredible that the server has more than 6000 accounts connected and that the safest thing is that of the 6000 only 1000 are legal players that do not use VMware, it is difficult to find a spot to level why all the maps and spots are occupied by such accounts. as unknow1 unknow2 and so up to see 40 accounts with the name unknowxx should be more attentive to that

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    There are 9 sub-servers 2 of them are non-pvp(2 and 9) and it's a free pvp server.

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    Yes, is a problem (i think looks horrible TOO many farmers). But you can find spot in sv like 6, 7 and 8. And you can kill all the farmers you find.
    Anyway, im with you, I think that to many farmers make the sv ugly. Anyway, this server is the best of all I know.

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